Panthers’67 Questionnaire50th Reunion



The questionnaire below is not interactive. Please go to the "email" icon on the top right of this pageand answersome or all of the questions below.  Please sign your name at the end of your email.

Thanks Roger Collins and J.C. Nickens



Name: ________________________Spouse(s)(#)______


Children (#)_____                              Grandchildren (#)_____


Where are we will likely find you in five years?






Best Phone number to reach you: ________________________


Retired?  Y\N


Current or Previous Occupation:


Help us to find other Classmates: (Name\email\phone):__________________________________________________________



How do you spend your free time? Activities\Hobbies



What have you read recently?



Tell us about yourself. Your outlook on the future. What do you enjoy doing? What do you hope to accomplish in the years ahead? Your most meaningful moments. What life lessons did you learn at Permian? Places you would like to visit? Things you would like to share with your Classmates. What do you think of the state of the Nation? The World? Write anything you want, but write something!