Current or Previous Occupation: engineer offshore and west texas for 23 years, then taught at permian for 3 years mathematics then moved to ft worth as math department chair of Northside high magnet school of medical professions where I taught AP calculus AB,BC and AP stat, then to Tolar Texas as lead math teacher for a total of 23 years of teaching . Then to retirement to spend time with the grandchildren

How do you spend your free time? Activities\Hobbies spend time doing cross fit, insanity workouts and running as my hobby is running spartan obstacle races and xterra crosscountry trail runs best place finish was last april where finished 99th over all out of 4300 runners in a spartan race.





What have you read recently? Bible, Vince Flynn thriller series.




We like to RV this past year to northern CA and to NY, We also like to get away in the RV to 3 and 4 day bluegrass festivals during the spring and fall .
Just started with Facebook as stayed off social media while teaching, now under Bob Smith on facebook

Robert Smith