Harrell Lyndon Hartman




After graduation, I moved with my family to Spokane, Washington, where my folks bought and managed a Conoco business.  I worked there part time and attended Spokane Falls Community College. 


In the fall of 1967, a friend who frequented the business introduced me to Linda Anderson.  Both grew up in the town of Three Forks, Montana.  Linda moved to Spokane to attend Kinman Business University with 2 friends.  By March of 1968, Linda & I were engaged and later married on August 10th. 


We made our first home in Spokane.  Ten months later, I was drafted into the Army, and before the end of the year, I was on my way to Vietnam where I served for 13 months as an Operations Intelligence Specialist.


Upon my return in November 1970, Linda and I set up home again, and on October 19, 1971, our first son, Loren, was born.  Two years later, I had the opportunity to work at a sawmill in Bonner, Montana, just east of Missoula.  A year later, my folks asked if I would return to Washington and manage a Conoco business they purchased in Colville (70 miles north of Spokane).  They had also bought the Log Cabin Resort, 50 miles southwest of Colville, and found it difficult to manage both.  Hence, their request for my help.  So, Linda, Loren & I moved back to Washington, where we have lived ever since.    In 1976, our second son, Brian, was born.  In 1986, we adopted Kristy and Bobby, who were 4 & 2 years old at the time.  They were cousins on my mother’s side of the family and had lost their mother.  I owned and managed the Conoco business in Colville until April of 2005 when I had to take a disability retirement due to back problems. 


Linda worked for the USDA Forest Service and retired 2 months after I retired.  We continue to live on 7 acres 4 miles south of Colville.  At the age of 60, I decided to take flying lessons for light sport aircraft.  We lived in our motorhome in Walla Walla, Washington, that summer while I studied and took lessons.  I often wished I had taken lessons sooner in life.  I presently own a red & white Sky Ranger, an Experimental airplane.  It is fun to fly.


Six of my family members bought a lot in Yuma, AZ in 2015.  Since then, we spend our winters down there and usually travel east to Texas and Louisiana to visit friends and relatives.  While at home in Colville in the spring and summer months, I enjoy reloading.  I also spend a week with a friend each summer fishing at the Log Cabin Resort on the South Twin Lake.  If you are ever up this way, stop by and see us.