It is funny how your life's path doesn't look anything like the one you planned when you were 18. I did imagine, however, that I would spend my life with my high school sweetheart, Sherry Jackson (PHS '68). I have been blessed to have been married to this amazing woman for 46 years.


I never dreamed that a poor boy from Odessa would be able to see as much of the world as I have. My wife's desire to travel has blessed me with memories that will give me great comfort and joy in the years ahead that may limit my activities.







Sherry and I both graduated from UTA after leaving Permian and Odessa College. Although I had an electrical engineering degree, I went to work for a large oilfield service company for 6 years before starting a career with a couple small, private oil & gas exploration companies. I then started a small, public oil and gas exploration company and built it over 25 years as president, CEO and chairman in its latter years before retirement. My companies rode the roller coaster ride of being in the oil business; but thankfully, there were many more up years than down ones.




God blessed our marriage with a wonderful son who married about 3 years ago. I keep telling him that "my biological clock is ticking"; it is time for me to have grandbabies! We pray that the good Lord will give us this blessing to top off all the others He has given us. Sherry and I have been in San Antonio for 38 years and have been blessed to have many great friends and a good church to help grow our faith daily. We feel blessed to have attended Permian and been surrounded by so many great people. I feel our class was exceptional as many of the graduates went on to become very successful in whatever direction they went. We thank you for your part in molding us and look forward to seeing you again. As the years have taken their toll on our bodies, you may not recognize us. Just be assured that the young 18 year olds are still inside these old bodies!     Jim ("Jimmy") Sigmon