50 years! Who would have thought this possible? Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated teachers ( Varley, Ray Karrer,  Sibley, Bridges, and R.K. Jones, to name only a few), I left Permian with a solid foundation, especially in math and science, for the rest of my formal education. I continued with baseball and student politics at Harvard. I met and married, Linda Colangelo, and we traveled in Europe for nine months after graduation thanks to a school fellowship. I returned to Cambridge for law school. After a brief 18 months of a judicial clerkship in Dallas, I settled into the big firm law practice in Houston. My legal career has included some of the most hard fought disputes of their times: most notably Texaco\Pennzoil, Enron, United Savings and many others, big and small, including several involving Odessa clients (Rexene).



This photo is faded because I have kept it in my office for years, exposed to the Houston sun. The reason I like the photo is what eight\nine year old Marie wrote on the door to her room: “Law Offices of Miss Sandi Alden   Our Motto Is: You Can Have as Many Problems as You Want, but We Will Help with All of Them.”



Marie was born in 1991, an only child. Too much time at the office led to a divorce. Linda returned to her family in Boston where she raised Marie with too little help from me. We have, however, managed to remain good friends.








Melinda Hubbert and I married after ten years or so of my bachelorhood and we had my second only child, Clay.


Marie and Clay.jpg

Marie and Clay, ages 18 and 8. 


Marie gave us Abby, now six. After several years as a paramedic, Marie works with laboratory animals to develop new drugs.







Clay, now 25, is a business consultant and probably headed for graduate school.




Clay, now 25, is a business consultant and probably headed for graduate school.





Melinda and I are in the early stages of retirement, although I still go to the office most work days. We have established an outpost in Ruidoso to escape the swelter of Houston’s summers. Visitors welcome!


I have maintained sometimes sporadic, but meaningful contact with a few Permian friends: Jim and Sherry Sigmon, Roger Collins, Bill Abel and Darlene Hutchinson. The ’65 football team has an active and entertaining email correspondence.  I have recently renewed a correspondence with Glen Halsell, Gail Johns and Jana Hill Archer. In addition to my internet bridge matches with Collins, I read a good deal and manage unsuccessfully my fantasy baseball team. I have a particular interest in the Civil War, the workings of the unconscious mind, and the origins of prejudice, political and otherwise.

I look forward to seeing many friends at the reunion. There is something about childhood friendships that cannot be duplicated in the years that follow. I guess it is because we knew each other at our core, good and bad. I treasure those relationships.