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This is Dave Clark.  I left Odessa in 1969 after working attending Odessa College and transferred to UTEP and then switched gears and landed in Amarillo, Texas now for over 44 years working in the healthcare industry and raising a family.  After 25 years working in two large hospital systems on the senior leadership teams, I took a couple of years off and started my own healthcare consulting firm primarily directed at rural Texas and physician management.  I closed my company a year ago and took some time off  returning to work as a consultant for a state rural health organization consulting for at-risk rural hospitals and doing short-term stints in hospitals helping them  recruit new administrators.  My wife, Kim, and I have been married 44 years.  She was raised in Amarillo and ironically Permian is playing her Alma mater, Tascosa High School at our 50 year reunion. We have two grown sons, one a pastor and one living in Denver pursuing music.  We have 3 grandkids. 

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Mexico 2008

I have never returned to a class reunion because after many years of thinking about it I never really liked high school.  I played tennis at an unfortunate time when Permian was all about football and if you didn’t play football or date a peppette or belong to a fraternity or sorority, you were pretty well a brick on a wall.  We had the Humble Service station at the Town & Country Shopping Center for many years.  My mom and dad are still alive at 96 and 94 where they have fond memories of First Christian Church and working hard and having wonderful friends where Saturday nights were filled with cards, cake and coffee at a favorite friend’shouse.

We have an international ministry traveling from Belarus, Israel, and Africa to the Middle East with fathering initiatives – The Father’s Cry (www.thefatherscry.org). That is another long story that is available on our web site.

One thing I always told people is that I was probably the smallest and youngest looking senior in my class with a baby face with dimples.  I bet I will still look the youngest from all the pics I have seen with all the old men on the blog! I think one of my few highlights of high school was escorting Jana Hill as the homecoming Queen and playing along beside her and others in tennis for many years. I think secretlyalways had a crush on her….but never in her league. Despite all the talk of Friday Night Lights, PHS produced some great district and state champs in the tennis world.  My fondest memory was when Jack Brewer, Dean of Men, was going to give me some licks for talking during a math test.  The truth was that I did tell a guy to quit looking over my shoulder during a math test and the teacher sent me to the office.  I was flunking math and had a tutor and I thought that was pretty funny.  Anyway, when Mr. Brewer told me to bend over I told him No and to call my dad.  My dad always taught me never to back down in an Injustice and he came up to the school with his service station uniform on and he looked at me and asks me one question, did you do that? I explained what had happened and he told Mr. Brewer that he would take the lick for me but then he had to bend over while he took the last lick.  I was sent back to class.  Mr. Brewer never spoke to me again nor ever got gas at our station again.  I still think he was an asshole with a flattop.

I can say life has been good since high school with many detours and bumps along the road but not what I was told on graduation day ceremony.  I look forward to the weekend.