Bruce Cree


Currently living in Keller, Texas

Married twice, have two sons and 4 grandchildren. Currently not married, but have been in a relationship for the past seven years

  Previously lived in:

Odessa, Texas ;  Houston, Texas; Kitzingen, Germany ; Corpus Christi, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Thousand      Oaks, California


  After spending my entire childhood in Odessa, my mother and father moved to Houston in my senior year at Permian High School. I made some new friends in Houston that introduced me to surfing. Freeport almost every weekend, hoping the waves were higher than two feet. I started college, but was more focused on other things, i.e. surfing, girls. As a result, I lost my student deferment and received a letter from the President of the United States congratulating me on my involuntary induction into the Army.

With the Vietnam War raging, I decided to make the best use of my time by signing up for one additional year in order to get a school for ground to air missile systems. The school was long, but after completion, I was given the rank of E5, non-commissioned officer. I originally received orders to go to Vietnam, but while on leave, these orders were changed to Germany. I spent my time in the Army protecting Germany from an air attack from the Russians.

When I got out of the military, I used the GI bill to go to College, receiving a degree In Electrical Engineering. My first job out of school was with General Electric Medical Systems as a service engineer installing and maintaining Imaging equipment. I was tasked with installing and troubleshooting some of the first CAT scanners in the country. It was very interesting and demanding work.

I eventually left GE to work for another Imaging company in a management position. A few years later, I was contacted by someone that I worked with at GE that had taken a job with company that owned and operated a large number of CAT scanners throughout the country. She wanted me to meet with the owners of the company to discuss the prospect of starting a service company to compete against GE for the service of CAT scanners. At the time there was no alternative for service, and as a result, GE kept raising their prices every year, averaging $150,000 per machine annually.




I became an entrepreneur in the Medical Equipment service business starting third party companies to complete against the manufactures.  After the sale of one of these companies I became a consultant.

While doing consulting work, I was contacted by a private equity firm based in New York who hired me to help them evaluated a publicly traded Medical company, headquartered in Los Angeles, they were contemplating acquiring. The company was losing a million dollars a month at the time but I thought it could be turned around.

Long story short, I was hired to be the CEO and ran the company for seven years. We were fortunate to put together a great management team which returned the company to profitability. The company was sold in 2007.






Since then, I have been doing consulting off and on.

I enjoy flying radio controlled airplanes, especially jets, and classic cars. I few years ago I fulfilled a long time goal of acquiring a 1962 Corvette.